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Below is a selection of my work.


How to eat on a first date to make sure you get a second one

The new rules of holiday eating

What a carb up! Why young people have fallen back in love with pasta 

Sanity, solace and sly rebellion: how wedding podcasts make the big day bearable

The feminist singing groups causing a din

The rise of nail bar activism

Guardian Weekend

My life in nativity plays 

How to survive a family holiday by train

Guardian OPINION

How to talk to your fellow commuters (if the BBC has its way)


Sleep training: Can night owls really learn to be morning larks?

The i

Ella Hickson on her new play ANNA: ‘If a woman happens to write a play with women in it, it gets called feminist’

‘Does My Bomb Look Big In This?’ Playwright Nyla Levy on exploring the grooming of Western schoolgirls by Isis

Patsy Ferran – the Olivier award winner who now has to apply to stay in the UK

The Way We Eat Now by Bee Wilson review

Learning languages is about more than vocabulary tests – it gives you an insight into a culture beyond your own

Adele by Leila Slimani review: a dark but thrilling tale of a woman seeking oblivion through sex

Eve Was Shamed by Helena Kennedy: a persuasive look at gender inequality in the justice system

Ian McEwan’s On Chesil Beach Unwittingly Skewers Our Attitudes To Sex Today

Lady Bird Feels Fresh And Progressive – Except For Its Lazy Use Of The Fat Best Friend Trope

New Statesman

Mary Queen Of Scots’ period blood is not only normal, it’s integral to her story

“You’ve lost weight!”: why complimenting each other on our bodies is wrong

The Pool

The Fuss Over Jacinda Ardern’s Flight Change Shows The Impossible Double-Bind For Working Mothers

The Spectator

Christmas brings out the food snob in us all

The Marvelous Mrs Maisel And The Patriarchy

The Telegraph

What Enid Blyton taught me about female friendship

Event, The Mail on Sunday

You can read the features and interviews I’ve written for Event that have gone online here.

The Guardian Guide

I used to write talks previews for The Guardian Guide every week, although these didn’t go online, so you’ll have to embark on a tedious search for back copies/take my word for it.


Staying In-In: The Rise Of The Adult Sleepover

How mother-daughter twinning brought me closer to my mum

The loneliness crisis: can you really make friends on an app?

“Lad culture baffles him”: what it’s like living with a Swedish boyfriend

The sickness in the wellness industry

The Debrief

I tried to follow Nigella’s tips for a perfect Christmas party. Here’s what happened

How to set up an actually fun book club (without becoming middle aged)

How to survive an exercise class if you’re as self conscious as me


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